Get more leads for less cost and optimize your Ad Spend with Active Campaign Management.

We configure your account down to the last detail, iterate and improve your campaign methodically and analyze your search data to provide clear and comprehensive monthly progress reports with actionable recommendations.

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Our 5 Step Process

We don’t manage Google Ads Campaigns in a silo.

We take an holistic approach to first understand your business objectives so we can translate these to online campaign goals and measure success with metrics that matter.

We evaluate past results, current challenges and bottlenecks and optimize your campaign so you’re getting the most value for your investment.

We translate and report campaign data in the context of all your other marketing channels that are driving leads and revenue online. We don’t just talk conversions. We optimize for lead value and lifetime value and help you create a revenue generation channel over time where you can reliably predict your ROI.

Integrating your account and campaign with best practice from the start.

If you don’t currently have a Google Ads Account or Campaign running we set this up from scratch. If you do have a campaign we conduct a full audit, fix any problems and expand or reconfigure to optimize performance.

We make sure your campaign is set up to give you the highest chance for success. This includes properly integrating your website CMS (WordPress, Shopify, Wix, Squarespace), Google Analytics and any 3rd party payment platform or booking calendar so we can measure, and optimize for, the sales and lead actions that happen on your website.

The biggest failure in any Google Ads campaign is a set and forget mentality.

We understand that best results are achieved when you combine human expertise, business knowledge and context with the powerful machine learning tools within the Google Ads platform.

We regularly analyze and improve your campaign throughout the month. We spend all day, every day keeping up with the latest Google updates, changes and tools to ensure your business and campaign doesn’t miss out on any new technology that could enhance your campaign (or any changes that could sabotage your efforts.

This includes constant split testing and improvement, keyword research and audits, audience targeting and retargeting, bid strategy and adjustments and much more. Your Google Ads account should be considered a lead and revenue generation asset that is improved and grows in value every day by using data-driven results to find the most profitable keywords, Ads, audiences and configurations.

Clear and actionable reports that go beyond your Google Ads campaign.

We turn your monthly Google Ads data into valuable and digestible information, insights and action items. 

Our reports also include recommendations for improvements beyond the scope of your Google Ads campaign. We compare Google Ads to all your other online lead and revenue generation channels so you can see the bigger picture and spend your marketing budget judiciously.

We’ll also tell you what’s converting on your website, why and with who and give our insights into the best course of action for performance improvement.

Google Ads is a treasure trove of data that can tell you which CTAs (calls-to-action), value propositions, product/service descriptions, audiences, demographics, locations and more are resonating with your clients and customers. This is invaluable intel that can be applied to your business in other areas outside of your Google Ads campaign.

We’re all about growing real value and return on your investment over time.

We touch base and report on progress mid-way through the month and again at the end of the month.

Google Ads has a major benefit over other advertising methods of being insanely flexible. We work closely with you to take full advantage this incredible functionality to customize your campaign to your business needs such as logistics, seasonality, location, target market and more.

Over time we build a campaign that not only produces conversions and revenue but high quality leads and maximum lifetime value.

Monthly Reports Focus on Sales & Leads

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